Military History

The Military History Group was established for members and their guests to receive presentations on all aspects of military history. The format for the evening is to gather for a drink, receive the presentation, dinner then a 45-minute general discussion on the evening’s theme. The overwhelming majority of the presentations have been from members of the Club. The maximum number present is 18.

Once a year a larger event is held with three speakers, the first on the Falkland’s War, second Waterloo evening, third, the 101st anniversary of Gallipoli, and last year on the Enigma machine of the Second World War.

Forthcoming Events

Date: Speaker: Subject:
29 January 2020 (Wednesday) Professor Andrew Lambert “The Other Crimean War”
27 February 2020 (Thursday) Sir Rodric Braithwaite “Russia Then and Now”
19 March 2020 (Thursday) Dr Steve Tibble “The Crusader Armies”
30 April 2020 (Thursday) Andy Robertshaw “War on the Big Screen: Military History as imagined not experienced, the reality of being a film Advisor?”
14 May 2020 (Thursday) Brigadier John Smales “From the Boer War to The Great War – Lessons implemented and overlooked”
2 July 2020 (Thursday) Steven Ford “Gas In War” – TBC
17 September 2020 (Thursday) Stuart Philip “French Resistance”
6 October 2020 (Tuesday) Robert Chase “A Comparison of Napoleon and Wellington as Military Commanders”
19 November 2020 (Thursday) Alan Linfield “The Hussite Wars 1419-1436”
9 December 2020 (Wednesday) Ralph Baker-Cresswell “Musketoon – Heroic Commando Raid on the Glomfjord Hydro Power Station in 1942”

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