Planning Your Visit

Dress Regulation

At the Oxford and Cambridge Club, we will do all we can to ensure that your visit is as enjoyable as possible. To maintain this level of service, the expectation is that all Members and their guests will dress in a fashion in keeping with the tenor of the Club.

(a) The formal regime
Members, Lady Associates and guests are (subject to exceptions set out in the Regulations) required to dress formally. Gentlemen are required to wear a tailored jacket, tie and fully button-fronted shirt, fastened at the collar. Gentlemen who remove their jackets pursuant to Rule 38 must wear long-sleeved shirts fastened at the cuff. Ladies are required to wear conventional smart dress, which includes a smart trouser suit, skirt or dress.

(b) The less formal regime before 11.00 am weekdays, before 6.00 pm Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays (except for lunch in the Coffee Room) and in certain areas listed in Regulation 37(1)(b)’

Smart informal dress is permitted. This includes (without limitation) short-sleeved, button-fronted shirts, polo shirts, jeans and trainers.

(c) Clothing never permitted
Shorts, sweatshirts, fleeces, tracksuits and t-shirts are never acceptable.

Less stringent standards apply to children under 14 years of age.

All outerwear, such as overcoats, hats and scarves, must be deposited in a cloakroom or taken to a bedroom.

Upon Arrival

Before entering the Club house, please turn off or switch to silent:

  • Mobile telephones
  • Other audible equipment
  • Flashing electronic equipment

Mobile telephones can be used to make and receive calls in the Telephone Booth, the Lower Sitting Room and the Library Terrace Corridor.   In all other areas of the Club, they must be switched off or turned to silent mode.

On arrival, please report to the Front Desk, then:

  • Leave your coat and/or bag with Front Desk staff
  • Leave your outer garments in the Cloak Room


(1) Subject to (2), members and guests shall not take any item of luggage (including without limitation suitcases, shopping bags, large handbags, rucksacks, brief cases, portfolios, folders and laptop cases), outer clothing or umbrella into any public room, and shall immediately remove any such item of luggage, clothing or umbrella when requested to do so.

(2) The prohibition in (1) on taking brief cases, portfolios, folders and laptop cases does not apply in relation to the Lower Sitting Room and the Pall Mall Room.

(3) Luggage may at the discretion of the Secretary be left at the front desk for up to seven days but no more, subject to the member agreeing in writing that the item of luggage concerned may be disposed of after the expiry of seven days.

Electronic Devices

Personal electronic equipment of any kind must be at all times either switched off or on silent mode, throughout the public rooms, corridors, staircases and on the Library Terrace.

Personal electronic equipment of any kind may be used in:

  • in the Lower Sitting Room and telephone kiosk, and
  • in the Front Hall, Morning Room and Pall Mall Room, for the following purposes only: sending and receiving emails and text messages; making and reviewing diary entries.

Use of personal electronic equipment must be discreet and avoid disturbance or inconvenience to other Members.

The use of larger electronic equipment (defined as all apparatus larger than palm-size and including laptop computers, tablet computers, and E-readers) is prohibited in the Billiard Room, Blomfield Room, Coffee Room, Drawing Room, Front Hall, Morning Room, Smoking Room, Squash Bar and all corridors and staircases. E-readers and similar devices may be used at the single side tables for reading only in the Coffee Room and Blomfield Room, and in other circumstances where books or newspapers might normally be permitted.

Events and Dining

  • Alcohol or glassware is not allowed to be taken outside the Club house.
  • Access to the Club house to attend a function does not presume to allow access to the entire building. You are kindly requested to stay within the area reserved for the function.
  • If attending a Wedding reception please do not throw confetti inside the Club house.
  • You are not permitted to stay in the Club house after the conclusion of the function, unless prior agreement has been made.
  • When leaving the Club house at the conclusion of the function please do so quietly.


  • Photography, filming and recording (both audio and video) are prohibited throughout the Club house, except at Private Functions with the host’s permission and only within the room(s) hired for the function, or with the Secretary’s express permission.


  • Children under ten are generally not admitted to the Club house. If they are to be invited to a Private Function, please discuss this with the Secretary when making a booking.


  • Animals are not admitted, except guide dogs.


  • Smoking is only permitted on the Library Terrace and is discouraged on the Front Steps. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping.

Disabled Access

  • The main entrance includes a flight of twelve steps. A call bell on the right hand side of this flight will alert staff to the presence of a guest requiring assistance.
  • Front Desk staff will also be happy to arrange alternative, step-free access where required.


Please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff when you are in the Club house, or telephone/email the Club in advance on 020 7930 5151 option 1/ for any further information.