A prospective member’s first step to election to membership of the Club is to identify the ground or grounds for his or her eligibility. The grounds are set out in the Club’s Rules.

Someone is eligible to apply for membership of the Club if he or she:

  • has received a degree from either university;
  • has received an honorary degree from either university;
  • has been granted MA status by either university;
  • has –
    • been admitted (whether before or after 1st October 2017) as a member of a college or hall in either university to read for a degree of that university, and
    • who is satisfying (or who has satisfied) the relevant residence requirements laid down by that university as published by the university;
  • is a member of Congregation of the University of Oxford or the Regent House of the University of Cambridge; or
  • is or has been an honorary fellow of a college or hall in either university.

To establish eligibility by virtue of being a member of a college or hall, it is necessary to show full membership of that institution; it is not sufficient to demonstrate only associate membership or the enjoyment of some of the benefits of membership.

This website provides a taste of the many benefits of membership, and the Club welcomes enquiries from individuals considering joining.