Club Card

Traditionally use of the Club Card has only been for food and beverage purchases in the Coffee Room, Blomfield Room, Bars and Serveries.  However, the Committee has agreed to extend the use of the Club Card to include private Banqueting, Bedrooms, Club Events, Snooker and Squash bookings until the end of 2022. The Club Card cannot be used to pay for subscriptions or Staff Fund.

To top up your Club Card please visit the “My Account” page and follow the instructions alternatively, please visit the Front Desk when you are next in the Club house.

General Information on the Club Card
Members are advised that their membership cards can be loaded with credit in multiples of £25. Members using the scheme have bonus credit added to their accounts. The size of the bonus is related to the amount of credit put onto the card and to the method of payment. Members who charge their cards with cash or by cheque or debit card are credited with a two per cent bonus on £100-£175, a three per cent bonus on £200-£275 and a four per cent bonus on £300 or more. Those who charge their cards from a credit card enjoy a bonus of one per cent on £200-£275 and two per cent on £300 or more.

Membership cards can be charged with credit in two ways: online via the Members’ Area of the website, or at the Club house, where the facility is available at the Front Desk.

To use your membership card to pay, you should present it to the relevant member of staff, who will swipe it. Then, provided sufficient credit is available, the transaction will be debited against the balance on the account. If you forget your membership card, since the information relating to your credit balance is held not on the card but on the Club’s computer system, it is still possible for you to authorise the cashiers to debit the transaction against your credit balance.